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In the world of art and creativity, Sonja La Makina is a name that pushes for innovation and boundary-breaking. This Puerto Rican singer, songwriter, dancer, creative director, and producer has captivated audiences worldwide with her unparalleled work ethic.


Known as "The Machine," Sonja La Makina has earned this moniker through her relentless drive and unwavering commitment to pushing the limits of her craft. Recognized with awards in film, tv, web, and music, solidifying her status as a trailblazer in the industry.

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short film

[eco interferencia]

"Through this audio-visual experience I invite you to expand your horizons, to reconsider the boundaries of the traditional ways, and to challenge your perceptions so we can celebrate the power of embracing the complexities of the human experience." - Sonja

LatinUp is the #1 Latin music destination on Twitch and 2022 Telly Award Winner for Best Online Music Series.

As host and co-creative directorco-developed and launched the brand, channel, show concepts and content.

This project streamed 250+ live shows reaching over 9-million unique viewers. Featuring guests like Ivy Queen, Guaynaa, Sech, Dalex, Ally Brooke, Myke Towers and more.


[Red Bull Dance Your Style]

Red Bull Dance Your Style is an international dance competition where the crowd decides who wins.

I joined forces with Red Bull to host the Tampa Qualifier and help bring to life auditions in Miami, Orlando & Tampa.

<red bull batalla>

Red Bull Batalla is the world's biggest freestyle rap competition providing a platform for the best Spanish speaking improvisors to compete.


The Miami Qualifier saw 16 of the top MCs compete for a spot at the National Final in Dallas.

a creative collective supporting over 400 dancers and boutique brands since 2018.

a storytelling space about the Miami dance community.

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